Online slots that are easy to win on

Okay, you’ve decided to give online casino gaming a whirl. It looks like it has a lot of potential for fun and profit. You’re having a great time figuring out the fun part – you already know and enjoy standard slot machines from some pleasant evenings spent in land based casinos, and online slots look like they have even more entertainment value. You appreciate the vast selection of games and the cool choice of hundreds of themes. But even more than that, you’d like to win. Winning isn’t everything, but in online casino games, it’s certainly a big part of the action. The question is: how do you beat the odds? Which slots games are easy to win on?

Types of Slots Games

An essential part of any honest answer to your question is knowing what you mean by “win.” And for that, it helps to look at the different kinds of online slots available today. Slot games on the Internet can have three reels or more, but the basic three reel ones tend to have better odds of paying, although their payouts are relatively modest. In addition to the regular (or “straight”) slots with a fixed jackpot, “progressive” slots offer a top prize that increases progressively every time you or anyone else plays the game. Progressive slots games can be linked to other slots games in a network that cranks up the jackpot amount very quickly. The chances of winning this mushrooming jackpot are somewhat less than in other slots games, but if you do nab the prize, it is liable to be a breath taking – and life changing – amount.

Boosting your Budget

An important factor in determining your chances of winning at any given slots game is how long you are allowed to play, and how much cash you have available in your casino account. There are some online slots that will boost either or both of these components, making it potentially easier for you to win. The games that do so offer bonuses in the form of either money deposited to your account or freebies such as extra spins or additional rounds. Games with multiplier features are also great; when activated, these will multiply any amount you win by two or three times.

Money, Money, Money

Winning is a real thrill and every gamer’s dream. The dream can turn into a nightmare, though, if you can’t get hold of your winnings. First and foremost, remember that you have to bet the maximum to collect the full jackpot, no matter how many times you might hit the winning combination. Next, play online slots only with casinos that have an established reputation for paying out fairly and quickly. Generally you will receive payouts via the same method you used to deposit funds to your casino account in the first place; find the best option for convenient withdrawals. Take care to meet all the conditions for any casino bonuses you’re entitled to.