Everything about Red Dog Poker

Red Dog is one of the most simple and dynamic game in casino. This game doesn’t need any mathematical knowledge or special experience. Players usually sit around the game table, where the sculpture of a red dog moves showing the evolution of the game. They want to relax and change their mood or they just want to play an easy game between other difficult games. Red Dog is a game for fans, because it is not like the other games here all the players are playing against the casino.

I. Rules of Red Dog

Players make their bets. The Dealer put on the table two cards face up and makes space between them for the third card. In case the third card is smaller then one of the cards and bigger then the other, all the players win, but if not – the players loose and casino wins.

The game is usually played with six or eight packs of card, but in some casinos there used from 1 to 8 packs of cards. In each pack there are 52 cards. At the beginning of the game all the cards from all the packs are put together. The Dealer mixes the cards and puts them in a box called shu. From this box during the game the cards are pulled one by one. The points of the cards in Red Dog are: Ace – 14, King – 13, Queen – 12, Jack – 11, cards from 2 to 10 have the points equal to their numbers. The cards have not to be the same suit.

The number of the players depends on how many boxes (special zones for betting) are on the table. Each player has his own box and puts his bets only there. At the beginning of the game you place your chips on the zone called “Bet”. The bets are made. The dealer puts two cards on the table and with the red dog sculpture helping him, he decides the high of the SPRED, which means the numbers of the card, which can be settled between the two already fixed on the table cards.

For example, if the first cards are 4 and 10, the SPRED will be 5, because between 4 and 10 are 5 cards: 5,6,7,8 and 9. If the first cards are Ace and 2 SPRED equals to 11, this means that between them there are 11 cards:3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,Jack,Queen,KIng. If SPRED is equal to 0, the fixed cards are following each other, for example 8 and 9, the sculpture of the red dog is placed on the zone called “CONS”, all the bets are not played and the players receive their wagers back. In this case the third card won’t be pulled. On the game layout under the note SPRED is showed how much does the win consist: if SPRED equals to 1 the win payment is 5 to 1, SPRED equals to 2 – 4 to 1, if it equals to 3 – 4 to 1, if from 4 to 11 – then 1 to1. This means that if you bet 50$, the first cards are 6 and 10, SPRED equals to three, and the third card is 9, you win 2 to 1, that means 100$. But if the third card will be smaller then 7 and bigger then 9 – you lost.

The rules of Red Dog allow making your bet higher after the two cards and the SPRED are fixed. If you want to do this you settle your remained chips on the section of your box called “RAISE». The “RAISE” must be equal to your initial bet. If you won (for example in the upper described situation) you receive a double payment (200$), but in case you the casino wins you loose all the money you have bet.

If the first two cards are equal (for example 8 and 8) the dealer settles the sculpture of the red dog on the zone called “PAIR”. In this case the players have the right to double their bets (to make «RAISE”). The third card is pulled: if this card is equal to the other two cards, it means you have won and you will be paid 11 to 1 (for a 50$ wager you receive 550$), but if the third card is different from the other two cards, the bets are not played and the players receive the money they have bet back.

II. Red Dog strategies

If you follow some simple rules you can obtain that the advantage of the casino will be 2, 62, the winning chances will be like in Roulette.

The experts advise to make RAISE if the SPRED is not smaller then 7, then the possibility of winning will be from 0.5385 to 0.8462 (in the other case from 0.0769 till 0.4615). If you do all the time “RAISE” or never do “RAISE”, the advantage of the casino is 8.1%, which is not very good for the player. Trying to memorize the played cards has usually almost no effect.