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From the time the first online casino was launched, casino operators have been devising ways and means to get more people to their portals and also get existing players to continue playing with them. One of the best strategies they came up with was the bonus offering. It is like the free samples that product companies offer you – the objective is to try out their products and then get you to buy them; the only difference here is that the bonus here includes money. The money offered is in different forms – free cash, cash back (to cover some of your losses), free play, and more. One of the most popular bonuses at online and mobile casinos today is the no deposit casino bonus.

The no deposit casino bonus attracts players because the name says it all – you do not have to apparently deposit money into your account to get this bonus. I say apparently because there will be terms and conditions attached to using this bonus. As mentioned in another post, the casino may have its own set of terms and conditions that you would have to meet to be eligible for this bonus.

How Do No Deposit Casino Bonuses Work?

Before we get to discussing how no deposit casino bonuses work, there is another thing we need to talk about. How do you know that a casino is offering a no deposit bonus? That is an easy one, because any casino that offers this bonus will proclaim it loudly on their home page, your first point of interaction with the online casino. It will announce the fact that it is offering this bonus, and also mention what is on offer and also whether it is time-frame specific. In the case of free spins, the casino will also announce the game for which this no deposit bonus works.

So how does a no deposit bonus work? Once you decide that the no deposit bonus on offer at a particular casino is something you would like to try out, the first step from your side is to register yourself with the casino and open an account with them. Once you have registered with the casino, you can use the bonus available by claiming it from the cashier. Some casinos associate bonus codes with this bonus; you can use this bonus once you provide the casino with the specific bonus code that is associated with the no deposit bonus in question.

Are No Deposit Casino Bonuses Free?

No deposit bonuses are free, of course; you do not have to pay any money to use them. But do you really have a free run when it comes to using a no deposit bonus? Actually, no! As mentioned earlier, there will be terms and conditions that the casino sets if you are looking to avail the no deposit bonus. These could be a specific time period for which the bonus is available, a limit on the number of free spins on offer, and also, most importantly, the wagering requirements. We will discuss all of this in another post.